Kitty Pounce

Kitty loves to run and frolic in the grass, but sometimes her clumsiness gets the better of her!

Help Kitty to keep running for as long as possible collecting kitty treats and avoiding obstacles by pouncing over them. How long can you run for?


I Have Never

Ever played “I have never” at your party and got stuck on what to say next? Maybe you’re too embarrassed to go for it or you really don’t know what will catch your friends out…



Cheerfish sleeps during the day. And catches stars at night!
Help Cheerfish make jumps and hit stars for points!
The game includes 5 different worlds to explore with each 10 levels.

If you like a relaxing experience that cheers you up, this is for you.



Haven’t got a deck of cards for your party? Shuffled is a simple app that allows you to draw cards one by one and scroll back through them to see which cards have already come out. Perfect for playing games like Hi-lo, Kings or other fun games.


Chickens and Moles

It’s time to rescue some chickens and moles!

One day Farmer Grumble was in the middle of his afternoon nap when some of the animals on his farm started making too much noise! In retaliation Farmer Grumble bundled them into cages and stacked them in buildings where they couldn’t escape!



Jumpy Bean and the Jelly beans were living together in harmony eating as many chilies as they could. But one day, when Jumpy got a new hat, the Jelly Beans grew jealous and f ormulated a plan to make Jumpy look silly. The Jelly beans fed Jumpy the hottest chili t hey could find and he shot into space! Collect coins and chilies, but avoid those mischievous Jelly Beans to achieve the highest score possible!