GMC Jam 19 results announced

Super Honey Bees Cluster On Hornet won joint best use of handicap for its educational values.

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Potato Patch Propaganda Wins Best Presentation

My entry for GMC Jam 18 wins best presentation for its unique, photo-based style.

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HannaH takes 2nd

My entry for GMC Jam 17 took 2nd place, allowing me to pick the handicap for the next jam.

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Balloon Festival

Rack up the highest score you possibly can by popping balloons, creating chains to build your multiplier and avoiding dastardly death balloons that will try to trip you up!

Set local high scores and achievements as well as sharing them on Game Center and trying to better those set by your friends!



Jumpy Bean and the Jelly beans were living together in harmony eating as many chilies as they could. But one day, when Jumpy got a new hat, the Jelly Beans grew jealous and f ormulated a plan to make Jumpy look silly. The Jelly beans fed Jumpy the hottest chili t hey could find and he shot into space! Collect coins and chilies, but avoid those mischievous Jelly Beans to achieve the highest score possible!



Follow the hilarious life of Terrance Fox in another brilliant and humorous novel by Richard Johnston.


Green As Grass

Green As Grass is the humorous tale of Albert Fry and Joseph Green, two tramps who become friends when they meet in a makeshift shelter inside the boiler room of a chemical plant. Joseph, who has only recently become homeless, has much to learn from Albert, who has been on the streets for many years and has a few tricks up his sleeves.



“With trembling hands, Mr Auckland drank from the neck of the bottle. Almost at once, all feeling left his body and he stopped shaking. He was left numb and his eyes stared without focus. The stranger seized one of Mr Auckland’s hands and dug his long grubby nails into his flesh.”