GMC Jam 19 results announced

Super Honey Bees Cluster On Hornet won joint best use of handicap for its educational values.

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Potato Patch Propaganda Wins Best Presentation

My entry for GMC Jam 18 wins best presentation for its unique, photo-based style.

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HannaH takes 2nd

My entry for GMC Jam 17 took 2nd place, allowing me to pick the handicap for the next jam.

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I Have Never

Ever played “I have never” at your party and got stuck on what to say next? Maybe you’re too embarrassed to go for it or you really don’t know what will catch your friends out…



Use your mouse to guide the fire spirits through 50 puzzling levels; lighting all of the spirit candles along the way and avoiding the traps set by your devious prison guards. You’ll encounter mazes, ice blocks, explosions, dark rooms, waterfalls and alternate realities!



Cheerfish sleeps during the day. And catches stars at night!
Help Cheerfish make jumps and hit stars for points!
The game includes 5 different worlds to explore with each 10 levels.

If you like a relaxing experience that cheers you up, this is for you.



Haven’t got a deck of cards for your party? Shuffled is a simple app that allows you to draw cards one by one and scroll back through them to see which cards have already come out. Perfect for playing games like Hi-lo, Kings or other fun games.


Chickens and Moles

It’s time to rescue some chickens and moles!

One day Farmer Grumble was in the middle of his afternoon nap when some of the animals on his farm started making too much noise! In retaliation Farmer Grumble bundled them into cages and stacked them in buildings where they couldn’t escape!